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Welcome to Hive Industries

Cue Lights, Speaker Timers, PC Bal Box, Wireless PowerPoint Control

Welcome to Hive Industries. We specialise in the design, manufacture, sales and technical support worldwide of cue lights, speaker timers, presenter countdown timers, wireless PowerPoint control, traffic light indicator systems, pc bal boxes, and video cable adaptors.

Corporate live events are now often large-budget productions where timing and accuracy are paramount. The CEO making their pitch to shareholders and investors needs to be assured that everything is going to run faultlessly and the Interspace Industries range is designed to ensure this, time after time, every time.

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Our Product Range

In 1998 Interspace Industries was formed to create products for the corporate live events industry. Quality is paramount in conjunction with "fit for purpose". All of our products carry a 3 year Warranty against parts and all of our distributors service locally. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All of our products are Fully CE certified. We test in our Anechoic chamber to relevant standards our transmitters are tested to CE (RED) and FCC standards. Our cable infrastructure has always been on XLR (Mic Cable) as this is industry wide and rugged. (XLR cable is not supplied unless asked for)


From the humble cue-light, we have developed an industry standard in presentation control for such presentation graphic products as PowerPoint, Keynote and Impress, where a reliable wireless presentation is needed for a great corporate event.

Originally a signal light for the technician to forward on a 35mm slide presentation, before that to signal an actor to walk on stage, now USB control is used with many computer platforms be it PC, MAC, LINUX, tablet or any other USB enabled device. Our MicroCue2 systems have been used to wirelessly cue/control a wide variety of events, from weddings to lighting desks running complex DMX shows.

Our MasterCue V6 USB is used where many computers are needed to be controlled and rental companies who demand reliability. As its tag line suggests, "Where a missed cue is not an option." All of this together with its ease of use provides a great return on your investment.

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Multi-presenter presentations require tight timing, ensuring breaks, allotted time and finish all happen according to scheule. Each presenter needs clear numeric display of the time remaining.

Our New CountDown Touch system has been designed with a team of professional Show-callers to ensure its operation is simple and accurate in the Professional presentation arena. A Touch screen allows for direct access to many functions on pages to show Count down and Count up with direct time of day on a button.

CountDown2 can count down or up or show time of day, with 8 user profiles this unit is a full featured timing system.
ClockWatch, designed for Council chambers, providing 360 degree visibility when combined with the LightTower. Soft CountDown, A software version of CountDown, operated with a keyboard and mouse.

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Traffic Lights are common to all. Green is universal to say go, Amber (yellow) get ready and Red to stop, our Indicator3 is this simple.

We use a simple lamp that can change from Green to Amber to Red and/or the LightTower with 360 Degree viewing.

Both of these are connected with standard XLR cable. (user supplied)

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Our PC Bal Box is the most successful product we have. Plug it in and get clean buzz free sound, simple.

PXB for higher bandwidth and Phono (RCA) connectivity.

Both the PC Bal Box and PXB work in reverse, Ideal for getting sound into a laptop or to a green room.

With our New USB bal box we allow more devices to connect to professional sound systems in an isolated and balanced connection to prevent hum and maintain quality of sound.

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We were asked to come up with a desk lamp that was robust and dimmable, with Red, Blue and of course White light.

The WorkLite compares to a 15W bulb (incandescent) but only uses 4W total (full on).  This range is currently being expanded, please check back for further details.

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Video Systems for us at i2 are products that control or use Video as their primary role, we will listen to what you the customer want and provide products that satisfy that need. 

Our SpotOn product solves all the laser pointer problems. We will add to this product category with new and innovative systems that you have asked us for.

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