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Specialists in Corporate AV Presentation Control Systems

About Hive

A wholly privately owned company since 1985, Hive Industries has continued to provide cueing, presenter timing and numerous other technical solutions for the Corporate Live Events AV industry. With over 25 years experience in the AV market, we are proud of our high quality products which are engineered for optimum reliability, simple operation and proven value for money.

The Corporate Live Events AV industry has changed so much in the last 15 years and our challenge is to always keep up with current trends. Our company's diverse way of working allows us to adjust rapidly to the ever-changing world of technology and how it can be applied to the AV industry.

Hive Industries is a value added reseller for Interspace Industries in many territories of the world. You're welcome to browse the whole Interspace Industries product catalogue on our site, but to find the distributor serving your area please click here to find your nearest distributor.

Hive Industries Ltd distribute corporate Audio Visual (AV) presentation control systems including the Interspace Industries range of cue lights, traffic light indicator systems, countdown timers, audio line-balancing boxes, and the TheatreCue Stage Event cueing and control system.

All of our products are designed and built in the UK to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability and are fully backed up with comprehensive technical support, a 3 year factory warranty and our commitment to ensuring the show goes on!

Dave Humphrys

Dave Humphrys

Managing Director, Head of Design

Dave founded Interspace Industries in 1985 after 15 years as a Technician (10 years as freelance). Not happy with the home-made cue lights that always seemed to be put together at the last minute, and after a customer expressed their concern with the reliability of these, Dave decided to build some professional cueing systems.

By the end of an intense week of design and testing, the very first MasterCue was created!  Now the CEO could be given something professional to run their big budget live event with that wasn't stuck together with gaffer tape! The Interspace Industries range has since continued to be built on this approach to solving real AV industry problems.

Keshia Carter

Keshia Carter

Keshia joined the company in July 2014 where she started in sales and has since moved into procurement and manufacturing.

Keshia oversees the assembly and testing all of our products before they are shipped out to customers.

In her spare time Keshia is a keen jigsaw puzzler, so appreciates working with small parts that make up the finer details of a bigger picture.

Kit Allen

Kit Allen

Kit manages sales for the company and is first point of contact for phone and email enquiries.

He also oversees the dispatch and shipping and makes sure your goods arrive where and when they are needed. In his free time, he enjoys participating in amateur dramatics at the local theatre, so values and appreciates the need for everything to go smoothly on a show!