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Audio Products

The PC Bal Box is the most successful product we have. Plug it in to achieve clean buzz free sound. Simple!.

Use the PXB for higher bandwidth and Phono (RCA) connectivity.

Both models work in reverse and are ideal for getting sound into a laptop or to a green room.

Distributor Territories.

Please browse our product catalogue, but bear in mind we can only accept orders on this website from territories not covered by other distributors.  To find out if there is another distributor for your area please refer to the map on the Home Page

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A versatile Audio in/Out soundcard on...
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PC BalBox
Eliminates hum problems when connecting...
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Eliminates hum problems when connecting...
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Phono to XLR Balancing Box
The AV Professional's Trouble-shooting...
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SoundConnect audio
SoundConnect eliminates hum problems...
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