Hive Industries


Hum can happen anywhere, power supplies, fluorescent lights, other equipment - all can cause noise that is picked up by your audio input cables. Full bandwidth of 20Hz to 20KHz for faithful reproduction.

Being completely passive (no batteries or external power required) and bi-directional, PCBB2 can match unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems - all in one versatile and rugged unit.
The PCBB2 is the simplest way to interface unbalanced computer or consumer audio signals to balanced AV sound systems. The inputs and outputs are completely isolated in either direction and by using the ‘Ground Lift' feature where required, hum problems can be easily cured.

Main Features

  • 20Hz to 20Khz full audio bandwidth for a clean reproduction
  • Stereo/Mono Selection Switch
  • 20dB pad switch allows audio to be input on either line or mic connections
  • Earth (Ground) Isolation ensures that ground loops are easily defeated
  • Left/Right XLR output connectors are standard for live events audio
  • Compact size
  • No power required (passive) - always ready to go
  • Captive lead ensures easy connection every time