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Cue Lights

mastercue v6 speaker cue light q liteProfessional CueLights for Speaker Cueing

Whether you know them as Cue Lights, Q Lights, or Q lites we know them as one of our best selling products.

We are proud of our Cuelight Systems and professionals in the industry are delighted by our cue lites performance.

Our Products include:

Master Cue V6 System

Our Flagship product, MasterCue V6, now has 3 USB ports for multiple computers.

Micro Cue2-L and Micro Cue2

We design and build professional cueing systems for you to professionally cue your crew and speakers.

microcue remote control laser pointer cueing

Originally cue lights were simply a signal light controlled by the stage manager / conference producter, to send cueing signals to the speakers or crew, AV technician to move forward on a 35mm slide presentation (before that to signal an actor to walk on stage!).  Qlites and headsets were, and still are, the standard way to tell speakers and crew when an action is needed.  But now  USB control is used to directly control many computer platforms be it PC, MAC, LINUX or indeed any other USB enabled device.

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